When the Double Happy Rabbits have their homeland swallowed by The Infinite Sadness,
they strap on their tails and ears, venturing forth into exotic worlds to fight an overpowering evil.

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Double Happy is a game created by artists, for artists

A unique twist to the game design, will be the invitation to the community to conceptualise some of the game worlds, levels and characters of the Double Happy universe.

The diverse art style of each island of Double Happy means that we put the power back into the hands of the artist… you! We want the game to have the most eclectic mix of art styles, worlds and characters anyone could possibly imagine. So forget having to force fit your work to meet our requirements, you can just concentrate on doing what you do best, awesome art, great stories, brilliant music and astounding level design.

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In the coming months, we'll be running competitions for you to help us design the worlds of Double Happy. Not to mention the loads of giveaways and free content and some great merchandise too.

We'll also be giving thorough behind the game breakdowns of some of our development processes to give you a clear insight into how we are shaping the world of Double Happy into an energetic, artistically diverse adventure game that is guaranteed to pull you in and not let go.

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The Developer's Mission

Our mission is to create an energetic and engaging adventure, action/puzzle game. At every turn of the game we will immerse our players in an exquisitely detailed world where exploration is an adventure in itself to compel our heroes to leave no rock unturned!

As much as we love our concept, we don't want to create it in isolation. We want to involve as many artists as possible to help us realise the vision of Double Happy. We want to promote our community of artists, featuring contributors and promoting their portfolios.

The artists are the ones at the forefront of this game, not the production company. We see Double Happy it as a proving ground, a place for artists to stake their claim and make a start in their illustrious careers and build a reputation for themselves.